This Thursday 30th January 6.30 pm, Cinephile Film Club is having a special screening of short films at Maquinez Palace, Audi 1, of Entertainment Society of Goa. The Cinephile Film Club in association with the Film Critics Guild will showcase some of the nominees and winners of the Short Film Awards that were held in December 2019. These films were shortlisted by FCG, the only registered film critics body in the country from over 400 entries received from different parts of the country.  The screening will be introduced by Sachin Chatte, curator of the film club and member of the Film Critics Guild.

The following short films will be screened –

1.     Siblings (Winner of best film, best actress, best director, best writer)

2.     Suno  (Nominated for best film, best director, best actress, best writer, best editing)

3.     Bouma  (Nominated for best film, best director, best writer, best cinematography)

4.     Silence (Nominated for best film, best director, best actress)

5.     Aaba Aikta Na (Nominated for best film, best actor, best director, best writer)

6.     The East Wind (Winner of best cinematography)