9th Goa State Film Awards on 24th April 2018

The 9th Goa State Film Awards 2018 which is been organized every alternate year will be held on 24th April 2018 on the occasion of  Konkani Cinema Day.

A four day Goa State Film Festival will be organized from 21st April  and all the films participating in this State competition will be screened for public. The award ceremony will be held on 24th April in order to celebrate Konkani Cinema Day. On this day, the first Goan Konkani Cinema “Mogacho Aunddo”, was released in Mapusa in 1950, produced by ‘Father of Konkani Cinema’ Al Jerry Braganza.

It is a premier event conducted by the Department of Information and Publicity and Entertainment Society of Goa once in 2 years.  It gives artistes, producers & directors to showcase and orchestrate their professional excellence in the field of Cinema. ESG being the nodal body in conducting entertainment programs gives a platform to nurture talent in field of entertainment and help them get recognized in their field of expertise.

The films which are completed from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2017 will be eligible for this State Awards. There will be 2 categories, Feature Films which will have two sections, Konkani and Marathi separately, whereas,   Non-Feature films will have a combined section for Konkani and Marathi languages. The feature film should have minimum running time of 70 minutes while non-feature films should have a minimum running time of 5 minutes and maximum time of less than 70 minutes. Films of which a minimum of 15% on screen artist and 15% main technicians must be of Goan origin or having at least 15 years domicile in the State of Goa (further details are available on www.esg.co.in). All films should have Censor Certificate issued between 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2017 and with subtitles in English.




In the Feature Films section will have the following awards will be given in Konkani and Marathi section separately:

1.Best Film First Prize
Second Prize
Rs. 500000/-
Rs. 300000/-
2.Best Direction First Prize
Second Prize
Rs. 500000/-
Rs. 350000/-
3.Best Actor Rs. 25,000/-
4.Best Actress Rs. 25,000/-
5.Best Supporting Actor Rs. 25,000/-
6.Best Supporting Actress Rs. 25,000/-
7.Best Child ArtisteRs. 25,000/-
8.Best StoryRs. 25,000/-
9.Best ScreenplayRs. 25,000/-
10.Best DialoguesRs. 25,000/-
11.Best Lyrics Rs. 25,000/-
12.Best Music DirectorRs. 25,000/-
13.Best Playback Singer (male)Rs. 25,000/-
14.Best Playback Singer (female)Rs. 25,000/-
15.Best CinematographyRs. 25,000/-
16.Best EditorRs. 25,000/-
17.Best Audiography Rs. 25,000/-
18.Best Art Director Rs. 25,000/-
19.Best Costume Designer Rs. 25,000/-

In the Non-Feature Films section the following awards will be given for Konkani and Marathi section combined:

Best Non-Feature Film (Two awards as under)

Fiction                                                                  Rs. 100000/-

Non-Fiction                                                          Rs. 100000/-

Other awards for Non-Feature Films are as below:

  1. Best Cinematography          25000/-
  2. Best Audiography                25000/-
  3. Best Editing                          25000/-
  4. Best Music Direction            25000/-
  5. Best Theme                          20000/-


Attachments to be submitted with the Application Form:

  • DD of Rs. 5000/- for Feature Film and Rs. 1000/- for Non- Feature Film.
  • Synopsis of the Film (5 Copies) on A4 Size paper
  • One Copy of Lyrics in Konkani/ Marathi with one copy of English Translation.
  • Still photographs of Directors, Producers and Film. Short synopsis of Film, Directors profile and Producers Profile (250 Characters each) on       CD (The photographs should be in Jpeg format minimum 300 DPI)
  • Film Poster 30 x 40 inches
  • Audio CD
  • Censor Certificate


The application forms are available on www.esg.co.in. The last date of submission of forms is 25th March 2018.