Our vision is to be the most trusted provider, an organization that ensures world class infrastructure and systems that will help establishing the State of Goa as an event, film & entertainment Hub, nationally and internationally.

2.  Objective:
1. The prime objective of the Entertainment Society of Goa is to frame Entertainment Policy for the State of Goa and implement the same with the help of various agencies.
2. To make the state of Goa the International Entertainment Hub and to give global visibility and recognition the State of Goa.
3. To earn revenue on a long term basis from ventures in film, entertainment and leisure projects and to bring about worldwide recognition to the State of Goa as an ultimate tourism and entertainment destination and maximize the State of Goa’s potential in this regards.
4. To develop and renovate infrastructure to meet the needs of event, entertainment and film industry and to create an environment which will lead to increase in employment opportunities
5. To conduct publicity campaign through print media, internet, videos and film and other new medium of communication that integrates information and marketing on a global level.

3. Short Term Goals (To be achieved by 2021) Organizational structure and Systems
• Appointment of staff for the ESG on long term basis to maintain continuity in the functioning of the organization and achieve the SET goals of the
• Creating policies, rules & regulations and Standard Operating Procedures, to standardize the working of the organisation and make it administratively
• Implementation of online Single window system for Film shooting permissions in the State of Goa. This will be an integrated platform wherein
the complete end to end process of issue of permissions for film shooting shall be undertaken. The Applicant can also track the progress of his application through this portal.
• As the organisation hosts various film festivals national and international the Software used is in process of upgradation that would provide the client and user seamless execution / experience.
• Upgradation of existing infrastructure in terms of technology.
• To become the nodal agency for the organization of events for all the Departments/autonomous bodies of the Government of Goa.
• To implement an online Single Window System for the issue of various permissions for the organization of events in the State of Goa.
Strategic Plan –
– Evaluation of the existing system and structure
– Analyse Current requirement for sustenance
– Formation and execution of the required system and upgradation

4. Medium Term Goals (To be achieved by 2023)
Training and development (Manpower / Interdepartmental infrastructure)
• Introducing training and development programs such as skill development, Team building etc. that will enhance the capability of the workforce and
bring them at par with the current market requirement and assuring long term job security.
• Implementation of online systems to increase the efficiency and productivity within the organization with defined service levels such as HRMS, GMS, IT,
Inventory Management etc.
• Build a brand name of the organization through the appointed PR and marketing agency of the body.
• Utilize the assets of the organization to enhance the brand name of the ESG and thereby increase the revenue of the body.
• As an organization to become self-sufficient to cater to the requirement of the clients by empanelling vendors & services that would be required to
organize events.
Strategic Plan –
– Evaluate and analyse workforce and interdepartmental requirement
– Plan for the upgradation of skills and efficiency
– Implementation of upgradation process

5. Long Term Goals (To be achieved by 2025) Resource optimization
• To develop world class infrastructure that would be utilized for organization of the International Film Festival of India at one location, other film
festivals, exhibitions, conventions, cinema & theatre, concerts etc.
• Establish the State of Goa as an event, entertainment and film shooting location on a global scale.
• Organization to be capable to give back to Society in the form of events and entertainment.
Strategic Plan –
– Evaluation of the existing infrastructure and its utilization.
– Analyse optimization of the resources available and creation of new.
– Resource optimization.

Action Plan (Vision by 2030)

* Entertainment Society of Goa to be an organisation that is performance driven and self sufficient to help the State of Goa achieve its target to become an Event, Film and Entertainment Hub globally.

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