Media Center

The ESG Media Center is capable of catering to all the needs of the media,including private cubicles and separate internet connection stations.The media center is also equipped with Video Conferencing facility.

Conference Room

Located in the maquinez Palace annexe, the air conditioned press conference room offers state of the art facilities for conducting press conferences with a seating capacity of 47 with a compact sound system, cordless mikes, sound console and comfortable fixed seating arrangements with glass holder seats, and space for backdrops. The venue has served as the official press briefing area for the International Film Festival of India.

Film Theaters

The two Film theatres are equipped with state of the art projection facilities (Film projection, Digital projection with Dolby DTS Surround sound). The projection facility is equipped to handle all screen ratios and formats. The seating capacity of the theatres is 232 and 80 seats respectively. The theatres are ideal venues to carry out film premieres, screenings, presentations, film festivals, shows, launches and musical shows. These theatres have served as the official venues of the International Film Festival of India.

Art Gallery

The ESG art gallery serves as an ideal place to exhibit art works. This fully air conditioned art gallery is highly accessible but peaceful. Equipped with different lighting options, the gallery is part of the Maquinez Palace in the ESG campus.

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