Goa Environmental Film Festival 2019

The Entertainment Society of Goa in association with Kala Kirti is organizing Goa Environmental Film Festival 2019.

The last date of registration should be read as 5th September 2019 (Thursday) instead of Monday, 25th July 2019. Forms to be submitted at the ESG office.

The aim of the Goa Environmental Film Festival 2019, organized by the Entertainment Society of Goa is to select short films to spread the message of the environmental awareness and also to inspire understanding of the environment through the power of films.

The festival’s goal is to offer entertaining and educational films that leaves attendees with increased awareness of environmental issues that we face locally and globally.

There will be 2 categories: Schools and colleges at Goan level and individual category at National level. The subject for the above mentioned categories will be as follows:

Short films – Subject – School & Colleges – WATER- “Elixir of Life”

Subject – Individuals – WATER- “Elixir of Life”

In schools and colleges category: The film should only be in Konkani, Marathi, Hindi or English Language and should be produced by Goan schools and colleges only with English subtitles (in case the film is not in English).

In Individual category: The film should be in any Indian language under VIII schedule and should be produced by any citizen of India with English subtitles (in case the film is not in English).

Goans can participate in both categories. The short films can vary between 2-5 minutes only.

The eligible and interested persons can register on or before Thursday, 5th September 2019. Forms to be submitted at ESG office. 

The last date for submission of applications along the content on a DVD, Pen drive or Blu-Ray disc with necessary documents is Thursday, 10th September 2019.

Prizes to be won will be as follows

Schools – 1st Prize – Rs. 15000/-                    2nd Prize – Rs. 10000/-
Colleges – 1st Prize – Rs. 15000/-                   2nd Prize – Rs. 10000/-
Individual – 1st Prize – Rs. 30000/-                2nd Prize – Rs. 20000/-

The award ceremony will be held on 25th  September or 26th September 2019 and the award winning films will be screened during the Goa Environmental Festival.

If at all there are any queries, kindly visit our office from Monday – Friday 9:45am to 5:45pm. ”

Following are the links to download documents:
Click here to download “Registration Form”
Click here to download “Application Form”
Click here to download “Rules and Regulations”
Click here to download “Affidavit”