Goa Environmental Film Festival – September 8, 2017

The Entertainment Society of Goa is organizing Goa Environmental Film Festival.

The subject of this festival is “POLLUTION”. Sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.

Pollution is one of the major hurdles in sustainable development and a contributor to the degradation of our environment. Various verticals like solid waste, sound, light, water and more are directly or indirectly responsible for different levels of pollution which in turn leads to wastage of useful natural resources. It’s high time to STOP-THINK-ACT on this aspect of pollution to safeguard further damage to our environment and restore what is lost.”

The festival’s goal is to offer entertaining and educational films that leaves attendees with increased awareness of environmental issues that we face locally and globally.

There will be 3 categories: Schools, colleges and individual category. The film should be in Konkani, Marathi, Hindi or English and should be produced by Goan producers/Production houses, Goan individuals, students studying in Goa and educational and social institutions only. The short films can vary between 3-10 mins only.

The interested candidate can register on or before 14th August 2017. Forms to be submitted at ESG office. The registration & application forms are available on our website www.esg.co.in termed as “Goa Environmental Film Festival 2017”.

The last date for submission of the content on a DVD, Pen drive or Blu-Ray disc with necessary documents is 31st August 2017.


1). Rules and Regulations

2). Affidavit

3). Registration Form

Prizes to be won will be as follows


Schools – 1st Prize – Rs. 10000/-                    2nd Prize – Rs. 5000/-

Colleges – 1st Prize – Rs. 10000/-                   2nd Prize – Rs. 5000/-

Individual – 1st Prize – Rs. 20000/-                2nd Prize – Rs. 10000/-

Award winning films will be screened and prizes will be distributed during the Environmental Film Festival between 8th to 10th September ‘17 at Black Box, Kala Academy.

The Entertainment Society of Goa will also be organizing a Girish Kasaravalli Film Festival from 18th to 20th August 2017.  During this festival, Shri. Girish Kasaravalli will also be present.