The intensive 7 days part time course is designed to promote comprehensive understanding of cinema and give insight into the nature of cinema and other related forms and practices. The curriculum includes theoretical study of the art and history of film and the development of cinema as a medium of art and communication.

The participants will be introduced to the changing nature of film production and its evolving relationship with digital arts. Film classics, short films and non-fiction films, both Indian and international, will be used for critical analysis and study. Besides, landmark films will be screened in the evening.

  • This course will be held from 15th to 21st September 2017 between 3 pm to 9 pm.
  • The fees per person are as follows:

Individuals – Rs. 1000/-

Cinephile members – Rs. 500/-

Students – Rs. 500/-

Registration link:

  • The resource persons conducting the course will be
  1. Mr. Samer Nakhate
  2. Mr. Ashok Rane
  3. Mr. Ganesh Matkari
  4. Mr. Anil Zankar
  • A certificate will be issued by The Entertainment Society of Goa for the successful completion of this course.