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These Regulations may be called the Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi Feature & Non Feature Films during IFFI 2019.


In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise refers,

(a) “Board” means the Central Board of Film Certification.

(b) “Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi Feature & Non-Feature Films during IFFI 2019 means the group of films selected in terms of the provisions given in these Regulations for participation in Special Goan Section during International Film Festivals 2019.

(c)  “Producer “includes an individual producer(s), a production company(s) that produces a film.

(d)  “RightHolder” means the owner of the negative who is authorized to order prints of cinema to graphic films on the laboratory for a particular film and copyright holder of the film (in case of digital films).



The aim of the Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi Feature & Non-Feature Films for IFFI 2019, organized by the Entertainment Society of Goa is to select feature and non-feature films of cinematic, thematic and aesthetic excellence in Special Goan Section, for the promotion of film art through the non-profit screening of these films in:


The Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi Feature & Non Feature Films during IFFI 2019 will have the following sections:-

(1) Feature films, and

(2) Non-feature films


The following conditions must be fulfilled by all entries:

1 The film should be in only Konkani & Marathi Language for the Feature Film Category and in Konkani, Marathi, English, and Hindi in the Non feature Film Category being produced by Goan producers only.

2  Filmscan be either certified by the Central Board of Film Certification or uncensored films from 01st November 2018 to 31s t October 2019 with English subtitles are eligible. This should be the premier show of the film.


4  The Feature Film should be more than 70 minutes and Non Feature Film should be more than 10 mins and less than 70 mins.

5 a)A maximum of one entry would be allowed from individuals, producers, Production Units, companies.


(a) Incase of programs originally made for television, entries sent in telecast format with commercial breaks, advertisements, channel logos/IDs, etc.

(b) Entries with captions such as preview copy’, organizational logos, etc. However,  if the screening copy bears the captions, it should be so faint as not to disturb the viewing experience.

(c) Dubbed or revised versions.

(d) Films NOT subtitled in English. (Filmmakers may please ensure that sub-titles are clear and readable. Subtitles should not merge with visuals/background. It would help jury understand the right context and help evaluate the film better. All spoken words should be sub-titled)

(e) In case the film is screened for public viewing in any part of Goa.

(f) Entries received in sub-standard quality of DCP/Bluray/DVD.

(g) An applicant would be disqualified automatically for consideration of his/her entry if it is found that he/she is influencing any member of the jury in and the decision of Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in this regard would be final and binding.


6.2 The producer (s) and/ or right holder(s) may apply on the prescribed entry form and a copy of the certificate issued by Central Board of Film Certification. The online form and regulations of Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi Feature & Non Feature Films during IFFI 2019 are available on the following websites :www.esg.co.in Entry form shall be accompanied with the following :
“Entry to [email protected]

(a) Acceptable formats for feature films and Non Feature Films are of DCP/Bluray /DVD .The film submitted for selection should invariably display the censor
(b) Synopsis (precise and not exceeding fifty words) of the film, Director & Producer’s profile, Director’s note in English and details of cast and crew
(Soft copy of the same to be emailed to [email protected]). Also, the following should be sent [email protected]
1. Film Stills (5-10 nos ) (200-300 dpi).
2. Director’s working stills (2-4 nos) (200-300 dpi).
3. Producer’s stills or Logo (200-300 dpi).
4. Posters.

(c) Incase the film is finally selected by the Jury, the following should be submitted immediately.

1.DCP/Bluray, DVD.
2.Three ‘3×2’postersofthefilm.

Entries must be sent along with a non-refundable fee of Rs.5,000/-for Feature films and Rs.2,000/for Non Feature films.The fee should be remitted through a crossed Demand Draft in favor of “The Entertainment Society of Goa”.

6.4The last date for receipt of applications along – with supporting materials is 02 nd November 2019.Applications received after the last date may be rejected without any reference to the applicant.

6.5 All entries must be sent to the following address:
Entertainment Society of Goa
Maquinez Palace,
D.B Marg, Campal, Panaji Goa – 403507,
Email:[email protected]

(All prints and materials should be clearly labeled with “Special Goan SectionKonkani/Marathi Feature & Non Feature Films during IFFI 2019”,on their packages)

6.6 Film can be submitted in any of the formats i.e. DCP/Bluray /DVD for Feature and Non – Feature Films. ENTRIES OF FILMS MUST CARRY ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Please label the cover of the DCP/Bluray DVD with the following details:

Title of the film
Full name of the Director
Full name of the Producer
Duration of the film
Aspect Ratio of the film
Original language of the film
Date of Censor Certification

6.7 Incase any of the requirements mentioned in this part of the Regulations are not complied with by the applicant, the entry is liable to be rejected summarily.
7. SELECTION of Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi Feature & Non Feature Films during IFFI 2019.
7.1The Selection Committee will comprise of a 3 Member Jury.
7.2 A person will be ineligible to serve on a Jury ONLY if his own film is an entry. In the even to his/her close relative being associated with the particular film,the Jury member shall recues himself/herself from the preview of the film.
7.3 The decision of the jury shall be final and binding and no appeal or correspondence regarding their decision shall be entertained

8. RETURN OF DCP/Bluray / DVD of films selected and not selected will be returned to the producers shortly after Film Festival to the producer or his appointed representative who will have to collect it from the Entertainment Society of Goa office.

9. Producers will not be entitled for any financial assistance as per the Film Finance Scheme for the screening of the film in this Special Goan Section Konkani/Marathi
Feature & Non Feature Films during IFFI 2019.

Should any dispute or difference arises between the Producer and the Directorate ,the same shall be referred to the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,
Government of India, whose decision in the matter shall be final and binding on both the parties .The Arbitration Clause will not apply on the decision of Juries, which will be final and binding.