Neruda be to Screened on 18th January

Film: Neruda (Chile, with English subtitles)
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Luis Gnecco
Directed by: Pablo Larrain
Duration: 1 hr 47 mins


Director Pablo Larrain has made a mark for himself in world cinema in a relatively short span of time. Neruda is about the famed poet Pablo Neruda but it is not a biopic. Larrain has opted for an imaginative story coupled with facts. High on style as well as substance, the film is set during the period when Neruda was on the run for his communist activities. A police detective, played wonderfully by Gael Garcia Bernal, has only one mission, to hunt the poet down. The film though is much more than just a cat and mouse game, the screenplay, the stunning cinematography and Larrain’s direction takes it to a different league all together.

Cinephile Film Club,
ESG Complex,
Panjim, Goa